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YM Invisible / Invisible scanner – News42day
16 July 2024

YM Invisible / Invisible scanner


   YMscript (Yahoo Status Checker) is a web based tool which can be used to see your friend is Online Offline or Invisible on Yahoo Messenger
   If your Yahoo Messenger is not signing in, you can use this tool to track whether your friend is online or not !

I will give you examples of yahoo commands for a test id, my test id is: ymland89

   ymsgr:SendIM?ymland89 – Send an instant message to this yahoo id.
   ymsgr:SendIM?ymland89&m=”Here add your message” – Send an instant message to this yahoo id, with a text.
   ymsgr:addfriend?ymland89 – Add this yahoo id to buddies list.
   ymsgr:call?ymland89 – Call this yahoo id.
   ymsgr:-kill – This will close your yahoo messenger.
   ymsgr:callPhone?phonenumber – Call a phone number.
   ymsgr:chat – opens chat room list.
   ymsgr:im?ymland89 – opens the “Send an IM” window.
   ymsgr:customstatus?A+custom+status – changes the status message.
   ymsgr:getimv?imvname – loads an IMVironment (example: ymsgr:getimv?doodle, ymsgr:getimv?yfighter).
   ymsgr:sendfile?ymland89 – Send a file to this yahoo messenger id.

   Today all yahoo scanners stoped working. The Yahoo Messenger department fix the “avatar” bug, 0xBE packet. With this bug, yahoo scanners send requests to yahoo servers, and yahoo servers answer back to them with a respons. These invisible scanners interpret the answer and then display the real status of scanned IDs.

   After Yahoo Messenger fix that bug called “avatar” (0xBE), yahoo users have problem with displaing avatars. The affected versions of yahoo messenger are: Yahoo Messenger 9 and Yahoo Messenger 8.

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