Three Steps for Healthy Weight Loss


Losing weight is hard, but not impossible. If you tried to lose weight without any result, don`t give up. However, before you start a diet, check if you really need to lose weight and how it may affect your health.

Step #1: Lose weight in a healthy way.

A healthy lifestyle is the key for people who lost weight and managed to keep it off. Losing weight slowly is healthier and more efficient, unlike the fast weight loss, according to experts. Try to lose no more than two pounds per week when you`re on a diet. Don`t expect to lose weight over night. However frustrating may be, slow weight loss prevents the yo-yo effect. The yo-yo effect happens when you regain the weight lost during a weight loss program.

Healthy weight loss means developing long-term healthy eating habits and includes physical activity.

Step #2: Modify your diet.

You may reduce your calorie intake by having smaller portion sizes. Try to have a various diet that provides all the necessary nutrients. Foods with large amounts of calories but no nutrients should be avoided. Aim for fresh fruits, vegetables, reduce the amounts of fats, consume more fish, and sometimes allow yourself a treat.

Step #3: Adopt healthier eating habits.

If you usually don`t eat breakfast, that`s not good because you will tend to eat more for the next meal. Try to eat in the kitchen, don`t leave the food near you so you won`t be tempted to overeat, and most important, don`t eat when you`re nervous, stressed, or depressed.

Start with the vegetables. This should help you feel fuller faster. If you feel the urge for a snack, choose carrots, fresh fruits, or yogurt instead of chips. Staying hydrated by drinking a lot of water is essential because it also helps you feel fuller.

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