Harry Potter 7, what’s next?


Next Harry Poter book should came out on july 7, 2007, they say. More recently, J.K Rowling said that 2006 might be “the year”, but nothing is sure yet. The author has made no formal announcement about the release date yet.
What's Next?
Anyway, things are not looking very well. Harry lost Dumbledore in the 6th book, after losing Sirius Black in the 5th. He seems very weak, unable to save Dumbledore or to stop Snipes, he is about to lose it’s mother protection – the one that saved him in the first place – when he turns 17 years, according to the last book. But, I’m sure the final will be great and happy.
I think the question is if Harry will lose Ron or Hermione, or maybe some adults arround him, like the Weasleys. Will Hermione fall in love with Harry? Or will she stay with Ron?

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