‘Eu, Malaele’ NFT self-portrait collection to mint on May 11


The digital art collection titled ‘Eu, Malaele/I, Malaele’, featuring a set of caricature self-portraits by actor Horatiu Malaele will be minted in NFT format on May 11, on the XOXNO marketplace, a release informs.

An outsized cultural and art personality, actor, theater and film director, writer, painter and caricaturist Horatiu Malaele now channels his creative genius into the digital world.

“The collection ‘Eu, Malaele’ is the artist’s first foray into the digital world and consists of a series of NFT self-portraits which, once purchased, give the owners the chance to receive the original drawing in physical format, with the artist’s signature, and the possibility to have a face-to-face chat on whatnot with the maestro,” the release states.

The collection is created in partnership with the MultiversX platform (formerly Elrond), one of the largest blockchain networks in the world.

‘Eu, Malaele’ is a project whereby a Romanian artist of caliber takes his art to the Web 3.0 through a collection of 5,000 drawings, each with special design elements.

“To be born on this fertile earth, among the billions of planets and galaxies of this universe and other supposed universes, is a mystery that surpasses the power of words. And yet, lo, there once was a man who appeared, for a tiny speck of time he dwelled as a man, ushering in our nature condemned to fit into ‘once upon a time’. That’s why here I stand in the way of the world with these drawings of mine and sign I, Malaele,” the artist states in a YouTube videoclip.

Those who want to transfer their NFT item from a digital to a physical format have various mechanisms at their disposal, that can be activated during the project, the cited source said.

Horatiu Malaele is one of Romania’s most renowned and beloved actors and directors. Passionate about drawing since early childhood, Malaele managed to define his unique style of caricature portraits.

Priority access to the collection’s digital drawings will be given to people on the whitelist.AGERPRES(RO – author: Petronius Craiu, editor: Claudia Stanescu; EN – editor: Simona Klodnischi)

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