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Sunday, May 22, 2022

100 Best Blogs for Psychology Students

With the availability of so many different blogs and other internet resources, psychology students today have a unique opportunity to gain insights and perspectives not otherwise available to their predecessors. Some information comes straight from professionals, others from students, and still others straight from the patients themselves.

Though one should always practice discretion when perusing data and research on the internet, most researchers professionally offer links to reliable sources such as journal articles and websites for the American Psychological Association, National Institute of Mental Health, and other respected organizations.

The internet provides a wealth of opinions and experiences for psychology students to discover every facet of their chosen discipline.


      : University College London researcher Jeremy Dean posts articles relating to the scientific aspect of psychology with the hopes of highlighting how it factors into everyday life.

2.World of Psychology: Named by Time.com as one of the 50 best websites of 2008, World of Psychology offers up the most comprehensive blog about psychology on the internet. It concerns itself with almost every aspect of the field imaginable

3.Spliit: Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Lifestyle Blog: Peer into the way borderline personality disorder affects patients in this blog dedicated to promoting awareness of a frequently overlooked and misunderstood mental illness.

4.Mind Hacks : Both the book and the blog offer up information on psychology and neuroscience that helps readers unlock and understand the full potential of the human mind.

5.Cognitive Daily : Cognitive Daily updates every day with peer-reviewed articles and research related to the field of cognitive psychology.

6.Channel N : With an interest in the brain and its behavior mechanisms, this blog posts insightful videos and articles related to mental illness and cognition.

7.Of Two Minds : Two PhD candidates in psychology cheekily explore their obsession with grey matter, paying special attention to neuroscience and their experiences as students.

8.Laura’s Psychology Blog : California Polytechnic State University professor Laura Freberg offers her insight on her discipline in and out of the classroom, with particular interest in autism and political psychology.

9.Exploring-Psychology : Blog author David Webb shares the news and research he finds most compelling as a means of appealing to psychology students and professionals alike.

10.All About Forensic Psychology : One of the most exhaustive and intelligent resources on forensic psychology available, this detailed blog peruses every nook and cranny of how it interacts with the practices of law and law enforcement.

11.Child Psychology Research Blog : This research-based blog offers articles and insight on neuroscience and developmental disorders as seen in children, with concerned parents and teachers as the target audience.

12.Kendra’s Psychology Blog: About.com delves into general issues and experiments with former psychosocial rehabilitation specialist Kendra Van Wagner, who makes the issues more accessible for a broader audience.

13.Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry: A Closer Look : Unlike many psychology blogs, this one analyzes the subject from a commercial and corporate perspective.

14.Media Psychology Blog: Dr. Pamela Rutledge tailors all of her content to exploring the intersections between mass media, social networking, and emergent technologies and human development and psychology.

15.Critical Psychology : Contributors Desmond Painter and Martin collaborate on articles regarding liberation psychology, radical psychology, and critical psychology as they relate to societal movements.

16.Blogs at Psychology Today : Respected resource Psychology Today hosts a number of blogs relating to a very extensive number of psychological subjects. Most of them are written with a general audience in mind, though professionals and students will still find much to enjoy and appreciate.

17.School Psychology Blog : Psychology students hoping for a career in a school environment may take interest in reading about the experiences, concerns, and issues faced by a veteran in the field.

18.Everyday Psychology : Information found in professional research journals gets distilled into easy to understand terminology and concepts with this intriguing and delightfully down-to-earth blog.

19.Milton Broome’s Virtual Psychology Blog : Technology, the internet, and psychology collide when University of Derby lecturer Simon Bignell and his online avatar Milton Broome discuss the effects that digital worlds have on human development.

20.Stock Market Psychology : Frequently overlooked disciplines investor psychology, neurofinance, and behavioral finance get pushed to the forefront of this innovative, intelligent, and insightful blog.

21.All About Forensic Psychology : Though it shares a name with another blog on this list, the second All About Forensic Psychology blog covers similar material with its aim pointing towards the interests of students.

22.British Psychological Society Research Digest : The BPS updates professionals and students alike on the latest research in the psychological community, covering a number of different disciplines.

23.SharpBrains : A general blog carnival encompasses multiple aspects of psychology, including neuroscience, disorders, brain fitness, and other subjects.

24.Neurophilosophy : Discover the intriguing world of neurophilosophy with this concise, intelligent, and engaging blog.

25.Dr Petra Boynton : Award-winning psychologist Dr. Petra Boynton keeps up with developments and philosophies regarding human sexuality and relationships, with a special section devoted to student inquiries.

26.Teaching High School Philosophy : Students interested in applying their psychology degree to high school education would do well to explore this blog regarding both advanced placement and introductory courses.

27.Psychology and Crime News : Psychology and Crime News brings together news stories in the interest of analyzing the motivations behind criminal and terrorist activity.

28.Dr. Cohn’s Sports Psychology Blog : Dr. Patrick Cohn studies the mindsets and motivations between sports and other competitions as a means of helping athletes achieve their highest mental potential.

29.Psychology News Blog : Medicineworld.org presents its psychological news for general audiences with an emphasis on prescription drugs and common disorders.

30.Full Frontal Psychology : Experimental journalism network True/Slant tackles complex psychological issues past and present with writer Wray Herbert.

31.Neuromarketing : Learn the psychology and neuroscience behind advertising and marketing in this insightful, enlightening resource.

32.PANIC! : Depression, anxiety, and panic disorders stand as the main focus of this insightful and sensitive blog by a writer who has struggled with them for nearly two decades.

33.The Tangled Neuron : This occasionally heartwrenching blog stems from a woman’s desire to offer as many resources and insights into memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s when it became too late to help her father.

34.Babel’s Dawn : Discover the neurological and psychological origins of speech and linguistics on this amazingly intelligent and intuitive blog.

35.The Situationist : Articles and information regarding social psychology, most especially situationism, comprises the bulk of site content.

36.Furious Seasons : One fearless and unapologetic reporter tackles every angle of psychopharmacological issues, never once shying away from controversy and confrontation.

37.Advances in the History of Psychology : Advances in the History of Psychology looks back into the discipline’s past as a means of comprehending the present and considering the future.

38.Brain Blogger : Biopsychology and related issues make up this amazing and thorough resource, which also devotes a special section to dispelling the stigmatization of mental illness as well.

39.Deric Bownds’ MindBlog : Deric Bownds opens up about his ideas and research into behavior and brain activity, frequently posting related news stories as well.

40.We’re Only Human: Another Wray Herbert venture, We’re Only Human presents blunt, smart articles on the psychology of everyday life.

41.ShrinkTalk.net : Clinical psychologist Dr. Robert Dobrenski rolls up his sleeves and applies a non-nonsense approach to disintegrating myths regarding psychotherapy as a last resort for the feeble or insane.

42.Indranet: Indranet exists at the intersection of psychology, spirituality, sexuality, and technology, featuring provocative, intellectual, and cutting-edge content.

43.The Last Psychiatrist: Explore both current events and popular culture through the lens of psychology with this blog’s challenging and aggressive articles.

44.The Frontal Cortex: Rhodes Scholar Jonah Lehrer weighs in on the latest general psychology and neuroscience issues with his accessible and informative blog.

45.All in the Mind: Australian Broadcasting Corporation hosts a radio program on psychology issues, and this humorous and education blog acts as a companion to their shows.

46.Frontier Psychiatrist : An anonymous London psychiatrist expresses his discontent and critique of the industry, though it does devote a significant amount of time to more genial posts on mental illnesses and civil liberties.

47.The Reality of Anxiety : Gain an understanding of how anxiety and panic disorders operate with this comprehensive, first-person perspective on life with these mental illnesses.

48.Autism Blog: Keep track of new information and research regarding the controversial disorder autism and the autism spectrum through About.com’s meticulous blog.

49.Neuronarrative: Interviews, reviews, and insights prevail on this incredibly entertaining, intriguing, and constantly evolving analysis of how the brain operates.

50.Love, Sex, Attraction…and Science : Dig deep into human perceptions of beauty, sexuality, love, and lust with Jena Pincott’s provocative exploration of their biological and mental imperatives and origins.

51.The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive : This open, honest, and extremely informative blog pulls back the curtain on bipolar disorder and exposes how life feels when influenced by the disease.

52.The Neurocritic : A dissection and analysis of psychopharmacology, brain imaging and scanning, and cognitive neuroscience, The Neurocritic examines every angle of every issue with an impressively precise eye.

53.Social Psychology Eye : Social Psychology Eye posts a wide variety of videos, articles, and other media pertaining to sociology, psychology, social psychology, and their points of intersection.

54.Brain Stimulant : Sneak a peek into the future with this comprehensive compendium of information and analytics regarding neuroscience, brain stimulation and emulation, and the science of altered consciousness.

55.Psychology at Research Blogging : All peer-reviewed research on the sciences – including psychology – is welcome at Research Blogging, and visitors are treated to a wide variety of perspectives and related subjects.

56.Beyond Blue : Study the various ways in which spirituality can possibly alleviate – though not outright cure – the symptoms of depression and the overall role of religion in psychology.

57.Postpartum Progress : Postpartum Progress devotes its time and generous amount of resources to offering help and solace for women suffering from a frequently misunderstood form of depression.

58.The Trouble with Spikol : Philadelphia Weekly sponsors this irreverent but touching foray into the world of mental illness by writer Liz Spikol.

59.Walking the Black Dog: Taking its name from a Winston Churchill quote, this poignant and occasionally heartbreaking blog describes in detail the stresses and torments of life with clinical depression.

60.The Mouse Trap : Dr. Sandeep Gautam offers up his perspectives on the psychological industry, frequently narrowing his focus down to cognitive development issues and ideas.

61.In the News : Law, criminology, forensics, and psychology share many commonalities, and Dr. Karen Franklin delves into their myriad interactions.

62.Positive Psychology at Work : Research and learn about the relatively new field of positive psychology and witness firsthand how the philosophy grows and changes over time.

63.Barry Cull’s Psychology Blog : Structured as if an online classroom, this blog offers four different courses on psychology and its theories and practices.

64.Psychological Science Blog : This fun site pokes different media with a psychological probe, incorporating lessons and research from the author’s classes.

65.The Psych Student : A current psychology student relays thoughts, ideas, and discoveries gleaned through his courses, blending his passion for these studies with a proficiency in multimedia.

66.Youth Sports Psychology : Access to some content requires a membership, though the available articles share some interesting perspectives on the psychology behind kids and competition.

67.Evolutionary Psychology: The New Science of the Brain : The relatively recent branch of evolutionary psychology gets explored in depth here, offering insight into how the human brain came into its current state.

68.prof_chuck’s psychology blog : General interest and education posts occasionally slip in, but most of the content focuses on psychology.

69.Psychlinks Psychology and Mental Health Blog : Canadian psychologist Dr. David Baxter offers critique and perspectives on a number of general issues related to his field.

70.Psychologist’s Blog : Learn the cognitive science behind relationships and general happiness through the writings of Dr. Alice Boyes, who proffers her research in a highly accessible manner.

71.Shrink Rap : Three psychiatrists write directly to their contemporaries with quirky humor and incredibly intelligent observations on disorders, psychopharmacology, and other related issues.

72.The Carlat Psychiatry Blog : Open, honest, and unafraid, The Carlat Psychiatry Blog dives straight into problem areas of the industry – especially the relationship between drug companies and the doctors themselves.

73.The Amazing World of Psychiatry : This meticulously-structured resource offers reviews on a wide variety of papers, books, blogs, podcasts, and news stories with a more positive outlook on the role of psychiatry in society.

74.Patient Times : With fictionalized accounts of actual disorders, a Wisconsin psychiatrist reflects the realities of mental illness in a way that humanizes patients and dispels misunderstandings regarding their conditions.

75.Critical Psychiatry : With a critical perspective, Dr. Duncan Double looks into the negative influence of pharmaceutical companies on psychopharmacology and psychiatry as a whole.

76.Buckeye Psychiatry, LLC : Ohio-based psychiatrist Dr. Adam Brandemihl posts quick, easy-to-understand updates on new developments and trends in psychology.

77.Marks Psychiatry : The online presence of Dr. Tracey Marks offers a phenomenal variety of resources and commentaries on widespread mental health issues.

78.Social Psychiatry Blog : Be sure to click on the post titles – Social Psychiatry Blog’s content lay beneath the introductory text and applies psychiatry and sociology to everyday problems.

79.Mental Health Blog : Updated research, current events, news, and trends in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, and sociology are posted alongside a bit of commentary.

80.Mental Health Blog at Families.com : Learn how mental illnesses come to affect not just the patients themselves, but their families and loved ones as well with this intelligent, easy resource.

81.Mental Health Update: Bethlem Library correspondent John Gale summarizes recent articles found in academic journals, peer-reviewed articles and papers, and through the Department of Health for general consumption.

82.Stigma No More: An anonymous schizophrenic offers recent news and observations on the state of psychology and psychiatry in Singapore with the hopes of removing many wrongly negative perspectives on mental illness.

83.Teen Mental Health : Gain an understanding of common mental health issues in adolescents and teenagers through this blog, which hopes to enlighten readers about the reality of their struggles.

84.MGH Center for Women’s Mental Health : Massachusetts General Hospital presents news and updated research on psychology as it relates to the mental and emotional well-being of its female patients.

85.Coleman Foundation : Coleman Foundation public relations representative Meghan Urbon discusses her career and seeks to break down unfounded stereotypes surrounding mental illnesses.

86.Coming Out Crazy : This first person glimpse into life with a mental illness by celebrated advocate Sandy Naiman removes the stigmatizing shame from psychotherapy and empowers sufferers to seek professional help.

87.Counselor’s Corner : Concerns and issues pertinent to families comprises the majority of the content, which breaks scientific research into terms that everyone can understand.

88.Cognitive Psychology is Fun, Fun, Fun : This incredibly engaging, smart, and smile-inducing blog looks into cognitive development with articles and found videos.

89.Neurodudes : Read articles and follow how the study and practice of neuroscience is making headway in the creation of artificial intelligence.

90.Psychology Student Discourse : Psychology Student Discourse – affectionately shortened to PsychoStud – serves as an open forum for professionals, students, and other interested parties to discuss their discipline.

91.Andy DeSoto : A Washington University doctoral candidate in psychology waxes philosophical on topics he researches in class.

92.Developing Intelligence : Psychology and cognition collides with technology and artificial intelligence in this amazing exploration of the brain and ways that science attempts to emulate it.

93.Psychology and More : Graduate student Dana C. Leighton relays information and ideas from classes attended as well as taught.

94.Indiana University Psychology/Neuroscience Blog : Although the site serves to inform Indiana University students about the events and developments, they also offer valuable articles for those interested in psychology as well.

95.Swirls in my head – Thoughts from a mental mind : A mother with borderline personality disorder and depression opens up about her life with these illnesses and how they come to effect her and her beloved family.

96.Schizophrenia.com: Schizophrenia.com hosts a number of diverse blogs and blogs by sufferers as a means of sharing the truth about the illness.

97.Movies and Mental Illness : This insightful blog, which also comes with an accompanying book in its upcoming forth edition, filters films through a psychological lens and analyzes how sensitively and accurately they portray characters with mental health issues.

98.Mental Hero : Read the gutwrenching, bittersweet account of a devoted, loving mother dealing with issues related to raising a young adult son with schizoaffective disorder and psychosis.

99.Dr. Christopher H. Ramey’s Blog : Dr. Ramey supplements his course content with this accessible, friendly blog that still welcomes the opinions and insights of those not enrolled in his classes.

100.Beck Institute Blog : The Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy and Research dedicates their blog as a general, open resource on cognitive therapy and development for audiences of all levels of familiarity with their work.

No matter if their intent lay with dispelling myths about mental illnesses, educating the public on general psychology matters, or simply providing an intimate peek at life with a certain disorder, these bloggers offer something valuable to the field.

Psychology students around the world can benefit immensely from their opinions and insight into a multifaceted and diverse discipline.

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