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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Agloco – Download the ViewBar !

AGLOCO has finally released the long awaited Viewbar!

AGLOCO announced yesterday that they went ahead and made a workaround for their problematic ad servers, and would be launching the AGLOCO Viewbar the next day. Currently only some of the ad networks will be connected as AGLOCO continues to work out the issues with the remaining networks.

Brian, of the AGLOCO Development Team, said today that “The software is functioning fine, but it appears to have overloaded the ad servers in the initial surge. I was told it needs to be reset by the ad network people which may take a few hours (not in our control). I will update you on this. You will still accumulate AGLOCO Hours normally for your Viewbar use during this period.”

The Viewbar is currently available for Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista platforms and works with the Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.

For now you can download the AGLOCO Viewbar simply by signing into your AGLOCO account, the download link is available under your network count.

If you have not signed up for AGLOCO yet, or you have not downloaded the Viewbar yet, head over to the Official AGLOCO Website, sign up, sign in, and download the Viewbar NOW!

(AGLOCO’s Website is very busy right now, so if the page does not load, please try again later.)

Update: I have been using the AGLOCO Viewbar for a few hours now, and even though it is lacking in features, I do not mind having it up at all since it is tiny and actually quite stylish too.

Right now the ad servers are down and are not delivering any ads. However the search tool works great and includes the previously mentioned search engines such as Google and Yahoo!, the tool also allows you to search sites like Wikipedia and eBay.

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